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Updated: May 9, 2023

When someone makes the decision to build a brand new home, there’s no question they want the most experienced team working for them, a reputable builder, and certainly access to the latest technology.

East Coast Builders, who provides construction and renovation services in Broward and South Palm Beach counties in Florida, meet all the criteria. Professionalism, dedication, customer service and top-quality work are top aspects with each and every client.

Florida East Coast Builders

Modern interior – kitchen


Today, we’re diving deeper into the technology side of East Coast Builders, and what it means to the client.

What makes East Coast Builders one of most respected designers? Experienced staff and access to the latest and finest in design technology are key. ECB Co-Owner Mike Mathon says it’s critical to any client that they can see what their home will look like long before construction starts. “Many people think it may be easy to articulate a thought to a look and turn it into a reality, but the fact is understanding the client’s needs and translating those wants and needs to a see a finished project before it starts is easier said than done.” This is where East Coast Builders really shines. “Our in-house team of Architectural Technologists can take any plan and draft a client’s unique design,” says Mike. “Using 3D technology, we can take those renderings to digitally state and visualize spaces before they’re built.”

Here's an example of what is possible when you choose to build with East Coast Builders.

One Home – 3 Designs

Option: 1

Modern Home Design

Option 2:

Transitional Design

Option 3:

West Indies Design

This is the beauty of the abilities in design East Coast Builders offers. The design team will take your thoughts, ideas and unique style and show you exactly what the outcome will be. Backed by years of construction history and a successful effort of always staying with the leading-edge of technology, East Coast Builders has become a leader in both the custom building and renovation industry.


Florida East Coast Builders

To contact East Coast Builders to ask about your project, or to get a quote, call 954-613-1297 or email

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Updated: May 1, 2023

Top Building Company Going Strong in Florida – Known Their Reliability, Expertise.

The future is bright for those planning to begin a building project this year. Back in December, 2019, one of the industry’s top custom building companies launched in 2 southeast Florida counties, Broward and South Palm Beach, and are growing steadily.

Florida East Coast Builders

The team at Florida East Coast Builders is comprised of some of the industry’s top experts in residential and commercial construction and renovation, along with a highly experienced and talented design team.


This extraordinary team of experts was created by the mer-ger of Florida-based Durab Construction and owners of a large substantial construction company with divisions all over North America. Together, East Coast Builders partners have completed thousands of building projects in several states and provinces across the United States and Canada.

Years of Expertise in North America

East Coast Builders co-owner Mike Mathon has considerable experience dating back decades. A builder from Quebec, Canada, Mike began his career with small renovation and construction partnering with now co-owner Alain Bolduc along the way.

“It’s extremely hard to find reliable people to work with who meet the highest of expectations, who pays extra attention to detail and is 100% reliable. Alain is exactly that. After working on several projects over the last couple of years, there was no question, Alain – who built his business from the ground up, enjoying great successes -was someone who I wanted to partner with permanently,” says Mike.

While Alain has certainly created a name for himself thanks to his high-quality work, Mike is proud to have the ability to take the residential and commercial industry in the area to the next level. “My involvement with Timber Block (an award-winning, innovative patented, panelized home build-ing system) along with several additional construction com-panies, has resulted in an extremely large and talented team of experts.” Through the group's nd companies, East Coast Builders has access to the utmost in experience: from the latest in design technology, software, architects, project managers, and all other facets of the building industry, clients of East Coast Builders are guaranteed their project – big or small – will be completed efficiently, with a result of the high quality that meets any expectation.

Florida East Coast Builders

One of many construction projects by East Coast Builders in Florida.


The key to East Coast Builder’s success is based on 6 objectives: Reliability, Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Professionalism, Experience, and access to the latest, innovative technology. “There is room for improvement in the building industry in southeast Florida, which is why we are doing more and more business there. People want and expect their new home, building or renovation project to be done right the first time, to be of the highest quality, and to be completed efficiently. That’s what we’re here to do.”

Florida East Coast Builders

Large condominium project recently completed by the expert team at East Coast Builders


As for the type of projects East Coast Builders cover, Mike says there is no building project they can’t tackle. “Custom design is what we do best. We offer full custom home and commercial design to a complete overhaul to specific areas of the home or building.”

Florida East Coast Builders

A complete re-design of any room is possible, thanks to the flexibility of the team at East Coast Builders.


Florida East Coast Builders

Constructed with mixed materials, East Coast Builders can design and build any project and style.


Florida East Coast Builders

A beautiful full custom home design, this home is an award-winning project.


Florida East Coast Builders

Exterior full builds and renovations are areas of expertise for East Coast Builders.


Florida East Coast Builders

Another full custom project.


Florida East Coast Builders

Starting from scratch, this renovated kitchen resulted in a beautiful, modern, well-sought after design.


Florida East Coast Builders

To contact East Coast Builders to ask about your project, or to get a quote, call 954-613-1297 or email

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